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What are PH drops? PH drops are commercially-available liquid drops that are added to drinking water in order to adjust its PH balance. PH drops are a liquid that comes in a small bottle; attached to the cap is a small eyedropper (usually), so the liquid can be easily added to a glass of water in drop-by-drop measurements. This substance is also found in PH capsules, which must be dissolved into the water, but PH drops are much more popular as they are immediately dispersed into the water and ready to drink right away. In order to understand what they do, we first have to delve a little into what 'PH balance' means, and we'll concentrate on PH balance in the human body, as that is what PH drops are intended for.

What is 'PH'? The term PH is actually a measurement scale, and is meant to measure howacidic or basilic a solution or fluid is. Very pure water is called 'neutral' and has a PH balance of about 7; solutions that have a PH of greater than 7 are called 'basic' or 'alkaline', which can loosely be translated as 'salty'; solutions with a PH of less than 7 are called 'acidic'.

In the human body, a PH imbalance in the fluids is thought to be the cause of many ailments and even open or weaken the systems to disease, so a variety of medicinal, chemical and herbal substances are available to swing the body's PH balance back to normal, and among these products are PH drops. The PH scale is generally measured from a rating of '0' up to '14'. An extremely acidic solution, such as hydrochloric acid, is measured at 0, while an extremely alkaline solution, such as sodium hydroxide, is measured at 14. The PH level of your blood is around 7.35, slightly on the alkaline side of neutral, and many systems and functions of your body rely upon your blood having this precise PH level, so your body puts enormous effort into keeping this level stable... a difficult task in today's world of processed and junk foods, pollution, and inactivity.

How are PH levels measured? PH levels can be measured in various ways, and a common method is to use a substance that will react to PH levels; such substances are called 'PH indicators', and one of the most common and used is the substance 'litmus', which is coated on paper to make the well-known litmus paper, used for a wide variety of tests in labs, schools, clinics and homes. Litmus changes color according to the PH of various substances, and even the vividity of the color will be affected by the strength or weakness of the PH solution. Litmus changes to red when the PH is acidic, and to blue when it is alkaline. Special litmus tests are used by doctors, scientists, and even in home kits, to determine the PH balance through being applied to your bodily fluids such as saliva, urine, or blood. More precise, scientific methods are used to measure PH levels of course, but for most of us laymen, the litmus test is accurate enough.

Alkaline PH levels are much more healthy in the human body, as 'salt' is necessary to our systems in a healthy amount, to help us retain fluids and for those fluids to flow properly and saturate all cells in our body. But in the other direction, acidic PH levels become more dangerous when more acid is built up; acidity weakens the immune system and opens the body to a variety of ailments, including cancer. PH levels with high alkalinity can be equally harmful, but today's diets tend to imbalance most people to the side of acidity rather than alkalinity.

How do PH drops help? PH drops are a product meant to counter the dangerous acidity that is built up in the human body due to our contemporary diet that takes in more food-acids than our body can neutralize. For example, soft drinks (pop) are extremely acidic, as are red meats. Drinking lots of water can help flush out the excessive acids, but we need a little more help, as many people just do not drink much water. This is where PH drops come in:

PH drops, depending on their strength as made by individual manufacturers, will usually raise the alkalinity in an 8-ounce glass of water by a ratio of 1 - to - 2 PH levels per drop. In other words, if you have a glass of 'neutral' water (PH of 7), a couple PH drops will usually bring the alkalinity of that water up to around 10 or so on the PH scale. This makes the water more alkaline and more easily assimilated into your body's slightly-alkaline fluid content. When used over time, PH drops in your drinking water will help to raise an unhealthy body's acidic PH levels up to healthier slightly alkaline levels.

PH drops, when used as recommended in water, should not be used without first testing to find out what your PH balance actually is; some people do have too-high alkalinity, and to take PH drops on top of that would be unhealthy or even dangerous (though note that when taken in small amounts, PH drop-enhanced water is dilute and weak enough that there is not much danger, and PH drops are a safe substance unless you already have some medical problem of extremely strong concentration of alkalinity in your systems already). People who have an ideal PH balance in their bodies don't need the drops, though taken in moderate amounts it may still be a little helpful. People with acidic PH levels can benefit from PH drops as they aid in neutralizing acidity, and help your body to expel toxins.

Some of the most popular and quality PH drops are: InnerLight Prime PH; Alkalife Drops; AlkaZone Alkaline Booster; and AlkaVision Plasma PH. You can order PH drops right from this page or on our next page.

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